Forging a combined knowledge, passion and experience that taps into electronic music’s deepest roots, their shared sonic signature is far more than the sum of its well-respected parts. Complementing each other’s skills and selections every step of the way, Leaf The 4 is an exciting new chapter for two forward-thinking artists, promising a unique, authentic experience both on wax and the dancefloor. And it comes from the right place... 
For the love: If that’s not your driving thirst as an electronic artist, hang your headphones up right now. If there’s no desire behind your DJ sets, no passion behind your productions, then there’s no true message. How could music lovers possibly relate to you if you don’t love the music yourself?
 Leaf The 4: Remy and Warren Fellow’s partnership means just that. Liefde de voor in their native Dutch tongue, everything they do right now, everything they have ever done in their combined 40 years of electronic music experience, everything they ever will do is done for the love.
There’s no way they could have succeeded in such a fast-paced, competitive industry if they didn’t have true love for their art. Representing two generations of The Netherlands’ rich techno heritage, between them as solo artists they’ve played in every possible corner of the groove-loving globe several times over and worked with some of the most respected tastemaker imprints in techno history: Bedrock, Global Underground, Harthouse, Desolat, Rejected, Wonka, Taste, Elevate and many more. 

Both hailing from The Hague, the duo met eight years ago. Like many Dutch DJs, Warren cites Remy as his motivation to embark on a life as a DJ to begin with. Remy also cites Warren as an inspiration; both as a producer and as faith in the future. Friendship born of mutual appreciation, gradually they started working together. 
The odd studio session here, the occasional mix there, their contrasts complementing each other entirely: Remy’s tougher techno mindset, Warren’s deeper tech house vision perfectly balanced. 
Muscle with melody, soul with strength: their unified language and love of thoroughbred beats inspiring each other to dig deeper and deeper, both in the studio and behind the decks... Each session building an understanding, a new shared vision.

Everything both men have achieved so far, every world renowned club and festival they’ve ever played, every released they’ve ever made takes us up to this very moment: Leaf The 4 is a brand new chapter for both Remy and Warren Fellow as they pool their understanding of dancefloor dynamics and techno science into something much bigger, wider and purer than anything they could do as individuals. 
In the studio their combined engineering and technical nous creates precision grooves designed with just the dancefloor in mind... The very same dancefloors they’ve already started satiating together: before Leaf The 4 was even officially announced Remy and Warren had successfully shattered clubs in China, Mexico and their own techno motherland. Already developing their performance to incorporate live aspects, their dual-deck artistry is set to reach new levels as the Leaf The 4 project progresses. But first, the releases; already tried and tested by the men themselves, no track will leave the studio until they know that it’s the best not just one of them can do... But the best they can achieve together. 
Because if there’s no desire behind your DJ sets, and no passion behind your productions, then there’s no true message... And that message is For The Love. 

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